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Children’s Dentist

Children’s Dental Benefit Scheme

At Thomastown Dental Group, we can bulk bill if your child is eligible for the Medicare Children’s Dental Benefit Scheme.

Preventative Dentistry

We believe children starting their dentist visits early is crucial for good oral health, learning good oral hygiene and having healthy teeth from a young age will allow children to develop familiarity when visiting your children’s dentist that will last a lifetime. We encourage good oral hygiene from a very young age to make sure your children are looking after their teeth right from the beginning.

Other preventative treatments our children’s dentist in Thomastown can provide include gentle plaque removal, low concentration fluoride application and fissure sealants when your child’s adult molars erupt.

Children’s Dental Benefit Scheme

If you are unsure whether your child is eligible, you can always contact us on (03) 9464 1662 or Medicare.


Mouth Guards

Mouth guards protect the gum, jaw and especially teeth during contact sports when accidents can happen. If you purchase mouth guards over the counter that are not custom made to fit your child’s jaw and teeth, they may be very uncomfortable and will not provide as much protection as a custom mouth guard does.

Replacing broken or missing front teeth due to not wearing mouth guards or ill-fitting mouth guard can be a very costly and unpleasant experience. To have a custom-made mouth guard made by our Thomastown children’s dentist, we need to take a mould and send it to our lab and a few days later you will have your own brand new sports mouth guard. You can choose from a variety of colour, including multicoloured to match your favourite footy team colours.

Emergency Treatment

Toothaches can be very traumatic for children and very stressful for parents especially when the child is too young to be able to communicate. We know children remember what they have experienced in life, all the way throughout adulthood, that is why we have a children’s dentist with experience working with children so you can have the peace of mind that your child is getting great care.

It is important to us that our experienced and gentle children’s dentist in Thomastown can identify the problem and provide a fun dental experience for your children.

During Emergency treatments, children can become very anxious, we have happy gas to help your child feel more relaxed and have a non- traumatizing experience with our child dentist. A low dose of Happy Gas has been found to be very helpful for our nervous child patient’s, you can speak to our Thomastown child dentist about this.

If you have a dental emergency, we offer after hour dentist services