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At our clinic we provide Dentures in Thomastown, Dentures are used to replace 1 or more missing teeth. Some dentures can replace a full set of upper or lower teeth, some dentures are made to replace or retain space. It can be used as a temporary replacement for one or more teeth before other dental treatment such as bridges or implants. Dentures are used to restore the function of missing teeth and the aesthetics of your smile.

The process for having a denture fabricated is quite simple for our patients. The procedure consists of a few short appointments for impressions, measurements, try-in and insertion of the denture. If you require extractions of teeth before your denture insert, this is done once your denture is made and ready for insert.

It is generally best to leave the denture in place while sleeping for at least the first 2 weeks following extractions and denture insert. If the denture is left out while sleeping, or for extended periods of time shortly after having teeth extracted. The soft tissue can swell, and you may not be able to re-insert the denture without causing pain and discomfort.

Your diet should be made up of foods that are soft and not too hot. As the surgical sites heal, you will be able to advance your diet (see post op instructions for a list of ideal foods). When an immediate denture is placed following multiple extractions, it is best to remove and clean the denture with warm water after meals and re-insert the denture promptly.
Settling Process:
It is normal for there to be a “settling” process, as the swelling goes down. This results in pressure sores in the areas the denture is excessively rubbing on the gums. Your dentist will make periodic adjustments to the denture to make It more comfortable. After these adjustments, the denture will settle again, and new sore spots will develop in different areas, requiring further adjustments. The “settling” process will eventually resolve as the extraction sites heal, and the denture will become more comfortable and stable.
When multiple teeth are removed that are next to one another, it is common to feel small bony projections in the area between the tooth sockets. These are the triangles of bone that the tooth was held in place by. These are normal and will smooth out over time as the site heals.
The mouth is alive with bacteria especially in those who have poor oral hygiene. If you have swelling in the face, tender to light pressure, swollen gums or tongue and pus or an abscess around a tooth before extraction, this generally indicates infection and you should expect to be prescribed antibiotics before or after an extraction to help clear any infection.

If you have a dental emergency, we offer after hour dentist services