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General Fillings

A Thomastown Dental Group we offer a variety of services, from General dental to major Dental, we offer dental fillings help to restore your teeth and prolong the life of your teeth.

if you experience pain during brushing certain teeth or sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods, you may need a dental filling. Dental fillings help to restore broken teeth, teeth with holes or decay and bring damaged teeth back their usual function. Dental fillings seal the holes in your teeth caused by decay, wear and tear or breakage, making sure teeth are healthy and can continue functioning properly.
Composite fillings are made up of acrylic resin and resembles the shape and look of your natural tooth. Tooth coloured fillings produce the most natural and beautiful appearance for your smile. Tooth coloured fillings provide durability and also resistance to fractures in filling restorations that can stand day to day chewing pressure.

The position, shape, material, and pressure and aftercare all influence how long your dental fillings will last. Larger fillings that are subject to a heavy chewing and grinding load tend to break down more quickly than smaller fillings that have little force applied to them. Therefore it is no possible to give a time frame of how long your dental fillings will last. However, when placing a filling, your dentist may have an idea of the expectation of the life of the filling. For example, a very small filling in the fissure of your tooth away from all the biting pressure area could be there for many years with proper care, a very large dental filling in the tooth of a person who grinds their teeth may be lucky to have the filling last a few years and should look at other options.

During a dental check-up, we are constantly monitoring the state of your fillings, looking for signs of weakness, cracking, decay or discolouration and also offer replacement of amalgam restorations.

If you have a dental emergency, we offer after hour dentist services