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Thomastown Dental Group offers a broad range of treatment to cover dental requirements. Come in and have a chat with our Thomastown dentist about any dental health or cosmetic concerns you may have.

At Thomastown Dental Group we like for you to feel great comfort with your choice dentist, the proposed treatment and the cost. That’s why we offer a no obligatory consultation during your check up so you can meet your dentist, discuss your treatment and receive a written quotation of your proposed treatments. We are also happy to provide a second opinion if you have received a written quote elsewhere. At Thomastown Dental Group we offer you help with everything from simple check-ups, scale and clean to more specific treatments such as crowns. We also have payment plans available for major dental treatments, because we know that sometimes things come up unexpectedly in life.

We believe that a good oral health can make you feel and look your best. All the recent advances in dental techniques and technology now make it easier and even painless to maintain and restore both the aesthetic and function of your teeth at any age and stage in life. For a dentist consultation please contact us on (03) 9464 1662. We can also provide happy gas for nervous or anxious patients.

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Teeth Whitening

We use the Bianco professional whitening technique

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Children’s Dentist

We love treating children patients.

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Root Canal

Root Canal treatment can be performed to save a diseased tooth.

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Your dentist at Thomastown can help you feel more relaxed.

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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth without complicated roots can be extracted in chair.

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Teeth Cleaning

We recommend having your teeth cleaned every 6 months.

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At our clinic we provide Dentures in Thomastown, Dentures are used to replace 1 or more missing teeth. Some dentures can replace a full set of upper or lower teeth, some dentures are made to replace or retain space. It can be used as a temporary replacement for one or more teeth before other dental […]

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Crown and Bridges

A crown is a covering that encases the entire tooth surface to give strength and or aesthetics to the tooth. A bridge is essentially 1 or two crowns connected to or by an artificial tooth to fill the gap of a missing tooth. A crown or bridge protects and strengthens tooth structure that cannot be […]

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General Fillings

A Thomastown Dental Group we offer a variety of services, from General dental to major Dental, we offer dental fillings help to restore your teeth and prolong the life of your teeth. if you experience pain during brushing certain teeth or sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods, you may need a dental filling. Dental […]

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If you have a dental emergency, we offer after hour dentist services